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Sacha's Camino Challenge

On 24th August 2015, Sacha Dekker was supposed to be having a rather straight forward surgery to cure her epileptic seizures that started in 2009, but sadly the surgery rendered her paralysed down her left side. One of the medical team advised Sacha that, based on the results of an MRI, it was highly unlikely that she would ever walk, work or live independently again. Sacha decided differently!

With the help of an amazing group of physiotherapists (and the unwavering support of friends) Sacha took her first steps on 11th October 2015. “The first time I walked 10 metres (10.9 yards) it took me 4 minutes and 49 seconds, but it was the biggest victory of my life”.

On 15th December 2015, still unable to walk outside or without someone holding her, Sacha made a bucket list and decided she was going to do two things: walk on the Great Wall of China and walk the Camino. Sacha walked on the Great Wall of China on 24th August 2017, and this year on 24th August 2023, 8 years to the day after the surgery that changed her life forever, Sacha completed the last 110 km of the Camino and walked into Santiago de Compostela together with her best friend, Ester.

By taking on this challenge, Sacha raised an amazing €5,716 for the incredible team of physiotherapists in Beaumont hospital who helped get her back on her feet. The physiotherapists at Beaumont Hospital continue to support Sacha, so she wanted to raise vital funds so that they have the best facilities and can continue support others like her.

“They never stopped believing in me and they helped me push through some of the darkest days in my life. They are my heroes”.

We are so thankful to Sacha for taking on the challenge and inspiring so many by sharing her story. Sacha is pictured here handing over the cheque to Roisin Vance from the Physiotherapy Department in Beaumont Hospital


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