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Soul Snacks



Soul Snacks is an innovative collaboration between patients and healthcare professionals.  


The “Snacks” are bite-sized pieces of information for patients undergoing treatment for cancer, those supporting them, or anyone interested in well-being. Soul Snacks emerged from a Psycho-Oncology intervention where a psychologist and a former patient recognised the lack of practical, visually exciting, and evidence-based information for patients.  The information provided in Soul Snacks is based on current research and evidence, as well as patient experience…and a little bit of fun!

The beautifully illustrated A-Z cards invite you to interact with them in any way that feels useful to you. You might read one a day, you might put them aside until a later date, you might share them with others – the choice is yours! The packs also contain “Wild Cards” to encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone, and an extensive list of resources and references to allow you to dig a little deeper and learn even more.


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