Niamh and Phillip McKeown raise €7,715 for Richmond ICU & Adams McConnell Ward


In December 2014, Niamh McKeown from Mullingar was in the hairdressers having her hair done. It was the morning of her work Christmas Party and as she was having her hair blow dried, she collapsed in the chair.

She was taken to Mullingar Hospital. Niamh had suffered a brain haemorrhage and was transferred to Beaumont Hospital - the national referral centre for neurology and neurosurgery. Niamh had suffered an aneurysm in the brain stem area and was placed in an induced coma for a week before surgery was an option. She was critically ill but following surgery she came around very quickly and despite having problems with paralysis she was able to recognise her family straight away which for them was a godsend. Mum to a baby daughter who was then 2 yrs old, Niamh was determined to get better and back on her feet without the need for a wheelchair! She pushed herself to get back on her feet and in Jan 2015, she was transferred back to Mullingar Hospital.

Together with her husband Philip and family and friends, they organised a benefit night in Mullingar and raised €6,255. In addition, Niamh's friend in Australia, Síobhan Sheridan, raised a further €1,460 from a breakfast morning and a skydive which she did on her birthday.

Niamh was treated by neurosurgeon, Mohsen Javadpour, who is photographed here with Niamh's Mum, Sandy and her step-father, Mick. They donated a framed piece of textile art for the relatives room in Richmond ICU to help brighten up the space and offer some positive thoughts to other families spending time there. A big thanks from us all in Beaumont to the McKeowns, their family and friends and all in Mullingar who supported their fundraising night. It was obviously a wonderful success.

But final congratulations must go to Niamh for being such an incredible battler and coming back from the brink.

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