Mari O'Leary's Sky Dive


In March 2014, Mari O'Leary's brother, Joe, became ill and spent nine days prior to his death, in Richmond ICU in Beaumont Hospital. She says, "His wife Pearl, his 5 children and extended family were shown a level of care and support by the medical team that we will forever remember and be grateful for. We were provided with overnight accommodation adjacent to the ICU, which enabled us to spend precious time with our Joe in his final days with us. We were truly humbled by the level of care and attention given to Joe and his family".

Unfortunately, later that year in December, Mari and her family found themselves back in Richmond ICU, following her daughter Sandra’s tragic accident on December 10th. "Over the following 2 days, we experienced the same care, attention and consideration from the team in Richmond ICU, as we had during Joe’s time there".

Mari organised a sky dive to raise funds for the ward and has raised a massive €15,875 for Richmond ICU. She is photographed handing over her cheque to Consultant Neurosurgeon, Mr Donncha O'Brien.