Killian Minogue's Christmas Concert Fundraiser

In March 2015, Killian Minogue, in his early twenties, was hit by a van while out walking and suffered extensive head injuries along with a fractured pelvis, hip and sacrum. He had to be resuscitated on his way to hospital in the ambulance and spent two weeks in an induced coma after undergoing a craniotomy to reduce swelling on his brain.

In January 2017, Killian returned to Beaumont much recovered to hand over a cheque for €4,000 which he and his family raised from a concert held in Trim before Christmas.
He is pictured here with Consultant Neurosurgeon, Darrach Crimmins, who looked after Killian when he arrived to Beaumont Hospital.

Killian returned to college last September and reports that his mental processes are almost as good as before he suffered his brain injury. He is back at college and we wish him well with his continued and amazing recovery! Thanks to the Minogue family for their generous donation to Richmond ICU. It'll be put to good use in improving the care we provide to other patients on this critical care ward.