Eric Connell's Dublin City Marathon


On 29th October, Eric Connell ran the Dublin City Marathon, to keep a promise he made to his great friend, Kenny Buckley.

In his own words, he writes, “On June 22nd 2012 we lost a very special person when Kenny passed away from cancer. Before he passed, we made a promise to each other that we would run a marathon together... and I intend to keep that promise! I had signed up to run in the NYC marathon 2015 but unfortunately had to withdraw having been diagnosed with cancer myself. Two years on, I'm more determined than ever to cross that finish line...”

With his promise kept, Eric also raised €5,610 for St. Clares Ward, where Kenny received his treatment. He says, "This is my way of thanking the amazing staff on Kenny's behalf. The staff were so good to us at the time. And this money is a gift from Kenny. I know he'd do the same for me."

Eric is pictured with Kenny's partner, Tracy and his own wife, Deirdre and their baby daughter, Olivia. What a fantastic tribute to a dear friend's memory and an amazing example of someone living life to the full post cancer. Huge thanks to Eric and family and to Tracy for their generosity and thoughtfulness.