Good News Updates


Beaumont Hospital Foundation are delighted to share some of the hospital’s most notable projects that have been funded in 2023, all made possible by our wonderful supporters:

  • An Exoscope (pictured), costing €574,000, which is a high-definition digital imaging system that enables Neurosurgeons to see a magnified 3D image during surgeries.
  • Soul Snack projects for the Oncology Department to support patients with their wellbeing during their illness and other patient supports.
  • A second Biopsy probe for improved and less invasive prostate testing, with reduced infection rate and enhanced patient comfort.
  • Micropigmentation training and acoustic equipment for the Breast Centre.
  • Bariatric Chairs for the Dialysis Centre and Ultrasound scanner for the Physio department.
  • 28 high-spec electric beds for the Oncology in-patient ward, to replace outdated manual models.
  • Non-invasive ventilation and lung clearance equipment for ICU patients.
  • Several Cancer Research projects, such as “RNA sequencing to perform deep sequencing on rare forms of multiple myeloma tumours”, which the department hope will help lead to new treatments.