€10,198 for the Magic Table for RCNU


A device that projects simple games onto a table is being used to help people with dementia.

The Magic Table (or ‘Tovertafel’ in Dutch) is an award-winning innovation from the Netherlands, and it uses specially designed technology to help people with mid-to-late stage dementia and also adults with learning disabilities.

It consists of a series of colourful and fun interactive light games projected onto the surface of a table which respond to hand and arm movements, and which stimulate physical and cognitive activity as well as encouraging social interaction.

€10,198 was provided to Richmond Community Nursing Unit - part of the Beaumont Hospital Campus at St Joseph's Hospital in Raheny - to provide this equipment to the residents of the home, many of whom are battlind dementia. The device is proving hugely popular allowing residents allowing them to interact with relatives and staff in a joyful way which promotes relaxation and engagement.