€30,670 for Equipment for the Cochlear Implant Unit

Beaumont Hospital's Cochlear Department offers cochlear implantation to both children and adults nationwide. The service has increased in recent years with the introduction of the bilateral programme and once implanted, patients need to return regularly for precise programming and fine tuning of the sound processor.  These visits ensure that the recipient is able to clearly listen to sounds and, particularly in very young children, understand and acquire spoken language.

Currently, Audiology scientists use special screening booths to calibrate these devices to suit each individual patients level of deafness, sensitivity and performance but given the service expansion there is a shortage of sound proof rooms.

The generosity of Beaumont Hospital Foundation's supporters has allowed us to fund the purchase of an otocube for conducting cochlear implant progamming without the need for a sound proof booth. This enables the Cochlear Implant Unit to hold more programming sessions in an office or multifunctional room without compromising the quality of the programming procedure.

Additional funding was also provided to the dept for equipment for the audiology booths. 

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