Find out how your donation is making a difference


€30,670 for Equipment for the Cochlear Implant Unit

Beaumont Hospital's Cochlear Department offers cochlear implantation to both children and adults nationwide. The service has increased in recent years with the introduction of the bilateral programme and once implanted, patients need to return regula...

€500 for ED for emergency clothing for patients

The ED (emergency department) in Beaumont Hospital is an incredibly busy place and staff often deal with patients who arrive in imminent danger requiring critical and emergency care. The first part of their medical assessment is to visually examine t...

€15,000 for Microscope for ENT Microsuction Procedures

Audiology patient who come to the ENT outpatients dept in Beaumont Hospital for hearing tests can present with wax in their ear canals which needs to be removed before the test can proceed. This is done by a micro suction procedure using a microscope...

€27,658 for sixteen electric beds

The most basic equipment in any medical care facility are its beds. In recent years, wards throughout Beaumont Hospital have been looking to upgrade and replace their beds with a supply of electric beds - a prerequisite for caring for patients with h...

€8,700 for breast cancer reconstruction

Following breast reconstructive surgery, it is best international practice to offer micro pigmentation to women. This is a non-surgical procedure similar to tattooing which completes their breast cancer treatment. This procedure leaves a semi-permane...

€12,000 for Automated Chest Compression System for ED

Each year, the emergency department (ED) in Beaumont Hospital provides care to over 50,000 patients. Over 100 of these arrive  havinf suffered a cardiac arrest. In order to save the lives of sudden cardiac arrest patients and avoid neurological ...