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€11,000 for a nerve monitor for ENT surgery

Speech and language therapists in Beaumont Hospital frequently work with patients who have impaired speech or difficulty chewing and controlling food and drink in their mouth because of weakened lip and tongue muscles. These symptoms are caused by a ...

€43,992 for thirty electric beds

The most basic equipment in any medical care facility are its beds. In recent years, wards throughout Beaumont Hospital have been upgrading and replacing their bed stock  with a supply of electric beds - a prerequisite for caring for patients wi...

€10,198 for the Magic Table for RCNU

A device that projects simple games onto a table is being used to help people with dementia.The Magic Table (or ‘Tovertafel’ in Dutch) is an award-winning innovation from the Netherlands, and it uses specially designed technology to help ...

€10,000 for the National Thrombectomy Service

The effects of some severe strokes can be completely reversed, and patients can make a full recovery if treated in a timely manner, thanks to a procedure called a thrombectomy.Thrombectomy is a relatively new radiologically guided interventional proc...

€3,500 for Family Bereavement Room in the ED

The Emergency Department and its staff are experts at saving and maintaining life. Howver, some of the casualties are unsustainable and unfortunately, on occasion people pass away in the ED. €3,500 was provided to upgrade and improve the bereave...