Operation Transformation of the Dayroom on Banks Ward


Operation Transformation of the Dayroom on Banks Ward is underway!

The purpose of the dayroom on a hospital ward is to provide a functional meeting and social space where patients can meet with loved ones and friends away from the clinical ward setting and where medical staff can conduct private briefings and progress updates with family members.

However, the dayroom on Banks Ward is currently operating as a storeroom with an overflow of equipment clogging the space.  The existing room will be divided to create a purpose-built storage room and a lovely new all-purpose meeting and social area.

Noreen Carolan,  CNM3 on Banks Ward says, "The dayroom has been crying out for attention for many years now and we are delighted that the campaign is finally underway to make the changes that will allow us to use the room for its intended purpose for patients, families, and medics. The necessary changes will require funding of €50,000 and we are asking anyone who has been a patient, or has a loved one who's been a patient on Banks Ward, to do what they can to contribute to our fundraising appeal".