Stand Out for Breast Cancer Lunch Raises €35k

Thursday, 14 November, 2019

What a great day we all enjoyed at the Stand Out for Breast Cancer lunch in Clontarf Castle on Friday 4th October!

And through your generosity, we are very please to report that one of the most fabulous afternoons we have ever organised has raised €35,000 for the Breast Clinic Appeal.

As Professor Arnie Hill said at the close of the event, the hope for the future will be to find a cure for the disease so that none of our grand-children has to go through the trauma of treatment for breast cancer.

But until that day, the Breast Care Service at Beaumont Hospital will continue to provide care and treatment for the growing number of patients - which is increasing annually by approx. 5% - who are seen in this hospital with breast issues.

Your support for the lunch has helped us to draw closer to our €1 million fundraising goal and to ultimately provide a single centre in North County Dublin for all outpatients needs for patients with breast cancer.

The building work is expected to begin shortly on the hospital campus and our sincere thanks to you for your contribution to this wonderful total.

Our ambition is that the Stand Out for Breast Cancer lunch will become an annual event in our fundraising calendar and we hope you can join us in October 2020 for the next installment!

In the meantime, our appeal for ongoing support must continue. Take a look at the range of events you can support, dream up your own, or, if you prefer, you can simply make a donation online or call us and donate by card over the phone on 01 - 809 2457 during office hours.