Spring Raffle 2022

Monday, 14 February, 2022

We have now launched our Spring Raffle offering three Cash Prizes worth a total €10,000. First Prize is €5000, Second Prize is €3000 and Third Prize is €2000.
Two raffle tickets can be purchased for €5. Or you can buy a full book of 30 tickets for €75. The raffle draw will take place on May 31st.
When you complete your purchase, we will fill out ticket stubs in your name and ensure that they are entered into our draw drum. All winners will be contacted after the draw and results will be published  on our website and the Evening Herald.
Beaumont Hospital is a wonderful Hospital that is striving to be even better, and your support can help us achieve this. Please be good enough to support us this year, by buying a full book of tickets or however many is within your means. Your kind support can help us to make a great difference to the quality of care and comfort that our medical professionals can provide to the patients of this great hospital.
Beaumont Hospital is widely recognised as being one of Ireland’s premier medical facilities serving patients the length and breadth of the country from Donegal to Cork.
Over the past two years, our donors including raffle supporters like you have helped us to support some of our most ambitious projects yet. During the two-year period of Covid-19, we have provided over €500,000 for new neurosurgical robotic and technical medical equipment. In excess of €2,000,000 has been raised for the build and fit out of our brand-new Breast Clinic. And our Beaumont Heroes Covid-19 Appeal generated €245,000 for a new Staff Garden and Wellbeing Walking Trail where hospital staff can get much needed exercise and relaxation.

Picture on our Raffle tickets is Peter Nealon and his partner Angela. Nobody can testify to the first-class standard of healthcare that Beaumont provides better than 60-year-old Peter. In April 2021, Peter made a routine visit to his local optician with what he thought was simply age-related eyesight issues and was subsequently referred to Beaumont Hospital with a suspected cyst on his optic nerve. An MRI scan revealed that he had a 7.5 cm brain tumour (the size of a tennis ball) that may have been growing for thirty years. Peter needed urgent surgery within days. Under the care of the neurosurgery team, and after a 13-hour long surgery, Peter’s ordeal did not end there: he then had to endure three subsequent surgeries, suffering two strokes and the loss of his eyesight for a short period post-op.
After a six-week rehabilitation period after being discharged from Beaumont Hospital, Peter is now fully recovered. He knows that he owes his life to the wonderful care and support he received from the healthcare professionals during his weeks at Beaumont - their expertise is simply the best in their field.