Laura Cahill - Honour Your Heroes

Monday, 31 August, 2020

"I collapsed in June 2019 at home and again in the waiting room of A&E in Beaumont. All the medical staff who took care of me definitely went above and beyond to ensure I was safe and cared for (even though they were overloaded). It turned out I was having episodes which caused my heart rate to drop and me to pass out. I spent 12 days in CCU and the nurses and doctors were exceptional. Even coming when they were off to assist in my care. They will also be heroes to me. Two staff members stood out though - Maureen Colgan, Health Care Assistant and Dolores Kershaw, a member of the cleaning staff. Both went out of their way to give me extra care and attention - simply chatting with me when I was on my own or holding my hand when I got scared. I was by far the youngest person in CCU at the time and their extra support helped not only me but my fiance and parents to feel more confident and reassured. It was not their job to comfort me to the extent they did but they still took the time to help. Simply seeing their smiling faces or hearing their voices on the ward made me feel safe and secure (like they were the mother hens minding their chicks). They were also so good to the nursing staff ensuring they were getting fed and generally providing care and love to them as they went about their extremely tough job".

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