Honour Your Heroes 2019

Wednesday, 28 August, 2019

Neurosurgeon, Mr Taufiq Sattar, was one of the staff members singled out for patient thanks at Beaumont Hospital today when former patient, Issey Kelly (age 9) from Kildare, returned with her parents to take part in the annual Honour your Heroes Day organised by Beaumont Hospital Foundation.

The annual event highlights a small number of the many healthcare successes brought about by the 3,000 plus staff who work across fifty-four medical specialities at Beaumont Hospital. The neurosurgeon performed two brain surgeries on the girl in 2018 to treat her for a brain haemorrhage. Speaking at the event, Issey's father, Ollie Kelly said, “Mr Sattar saved our beautiful daughter’s life and we will be forever grateful & indebted to him for the rest of our lives”.

Seven patients took part, talking briefly about the circumstances that brought them to the hospital and the care they received before calling on their healthcare hero to accept their ‘Honour Your Heroes’ award as follows:

  • Aisling O’Carroll – a classical soprano and pianist from Kerry, Aisling had her first epileptic seizure in 2015. On further examination at Beaumont Hospital, it was revealed that she had a ‘cavernoma’ - a cluster of abnormal blood vessels in the brain. She underwent major surgery which included a full craniotomy to remove the problem blood vessels. She has been seizure free ever since. Aisling thanked Neurosurgeon, Stephen McNally.

  • Attracta O’Regan – a busy working mother and solicitor, Attracta was struck down in 2016 with severe diarrhoea and bleeding, abdominal pain, vomiting, weight loss and exhaustion. She was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an incurable inflammatory bowel disease and treated through careful management of diet and medication. She thanked Dr Aoibhlinn O’Toole, Consultant Gastroenterologist & Mary Forry, Clinical Nurse Specialist, IBD.      

  • Elaine Muldoon – treated for Guillian-Barré Syndrome, a rare, temporary condition in which the body’s immune system attacks the nervous system causing the organs to shut down. Elaine spent 9 months in the ITU. She was intubated & ventilated and developed pneumonia twice. She is now 100% recovered. Elaine thanked Dr Margaret O’Brien, Neurologist, Siobhan Tierney Pike CNM3 and Pedro Vasquez, Senior Physiotherapy in Critical Care.

  • Jodie Regazzoli – was struck by a car after getting off a bus on her way to work in Swords Pavilion in 2018. She was given little chance of survival. She suffered traumatic head and multiple physical injuries and was in ITU for seven months. She has made a fantastic full physical recovery following what for others would have been debilitating injuries. Jodie thanked Natasha Moran, Health Care Assistant and the team of Richmond Ward.

  • Sacha Dekker – underwent brain surgery for a rare form of epilepsy. Complications during the operation caused a massive bleed leaving her with left side paralysis. She was told she would probably never walk unaided again. In 2017, two years to the day of her operation, she walked the Great Wall of China. She thanked Roisin Vance, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in Neurology.

  • Nicola Dunne diagnosed with breast cancer a month before the birth of her second child and had a mastectomy and chemo after his birth. Nicola thanked Anne Staunton, Breast Nurse Specialist.

  • Issey Kelly – treated for a brain haemorrhage. Issey is thanked neurosurgeon Mr Taufiq Sattar.

Paddy Delaney, Managing Director, Beaumont Hospital Foundation said, Many of those who shared their personal accounts have had to fight long and hard on the road to their recovery. But with the support of Beaumont and its staff, they have made a return to health and indeed, many of them have gone on to fundraise for improved patient care at Beaumont Hospital.

The ‘Honour Your Heroes’ Day highlights our best product which is the medical expertise and the great level of care which staff provide to patients. Today is about showcasing the human face of healthcare and highlighting the degree of care which staff in Beaumont Hospital invest in their patients”.