Carla Walker - Honour Your Heroes

Monday, 31 August, 2020

“I was always a very ‘headachy’ person but in 2017, when I was fifteen, and in Transition Year in school, the headaches became more frequent and these weren’t ones that would go after taking a few tablets. I felt tired all the time and would literally come home from school and fall fast asleep

I went to see the GP and he took a blood test and was concerned about what came back so I was sent for a scan. It revealed that I had Hydrocephalus (water in the cavities in the brain) and I found myself in Beaumont Hospital within hours. I’ve had so many tests as doctors tried to come up with some plan for my treatment and have had several inpatient stays on what was St Raphael’s Ward. I am being monitored continually as there’s not much more they can do for me for now. But I am still able to carry on with my life as much as possible despite having really bad days.

I would like to nominate Consultant Paediatric Neurosurgeon, Mr John Caird, for never giving up on me. He is always so lovely and friendly when I go to see him and I know he is really trying to find some way to help me. This gives me great confidence that there may be a solution to my illness in time”.

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