Physio dept celebrates the arrival of the gait trainer and offset unweighting system

Friday, 30 October, 2015

The Physiotherapy Dept celebrated the arival of the Biodex Gait Trainer and Offset Unweighting System to the Physio gym. The long-awaited equipment was funded (€29,000) by public donations to the Foundation, with significant contributions from former patients Michael Kenny from Gorey and Richie McCann of Artane; from the Stroke Fund and from the Ross Nugent Foundation.

Hospital patient, Bernard O'Dowd from Rush, demonstrated how the system worked. Just recently retired, Bernard was doing some gardening when he fell off a four foot wall while cutting the hedge. He hit his head at an angle that left him paralysed and lay in the bushes for forty minutes calling out for help until a neighbour heard him and called an ambulance. When he arrived to Beaumont he had no feeling in his arms or legs and is now using the new system to exercise and build up muscle strength.
Speaking abut the progress Bernard is making, Physiotherapist Roisin Breen said that using the machine, Bernard is able to walk ten times more as it provides extra support to his muscles and also gives him confidence in knowing that he can not fall. In addition, at the end of each session the treadmill generates a detailed print out of distance, steps, etc - all information which is used by the Physios to map the patients progress ongoing.

The long-awaited Gait Trainer will assist the physiotherapists in working with heavily dependant patients post stroke and post treatment for neuro conditions. We are delighted to have helped to fund the system to the department.