Beaumont Hospital Foundation is a registered charity (CHY No: 11538) which fully subscribes to the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising (ICTR) and operates in full compliance with the Governance CodeThe Foundation's Board first resolved to abide by both the Principles and the Code at its board meeting (22nd March 2012) and formally renews this commitment annually at its March board meetings. The Board polices compliance on an ongoing basis under the control of the Governance sub–committee of the Board.

Our Vision

Beaumont Hospital Foundation is an independent charity which works to generate donations which are used to improve the care which patients and their families receive while attending the hospital. We fully respect our donors wishes as to use of their funds and are careful to ensure they are invested as directed.

Our Mission

We encourage our donor communities to support us in investing in new health and medical advances which improve the lives of Beaumont Hospital's patients and their families. We seek, invest and manage donor funds responsibly in order to realise our vision.

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