Christmas Patterns

25 September, 2018

It's back! Get knitting for good this Christmas with our new range of patterns!

With six projects to choose from, all of varying degres of difficulty, we're hoping there's something here for knitters of all levels and even for the complete beginner! See to view the range.

You choose what you'd like to knit and then register here to receive our Knitivity pack which includes labels, freepost return labels and ID cards.

You can choose to sell your work locally (where relatives and friends can best appreciate your skills) and then send us on the proceeds of your sales. You can also drop off your work to any Haven Pharmacy from where it will be sold and 100% of the sale price will be returned to us by our friends in Haven Pharmacies countrywide (see store list).

Alternatively, you can return your work to us in Beaumont Hospital by addressing it to FREEPOST F3977, Beaumont Hospital Foundation, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin 9.