Deep Brain Stimulation

The long-awaited, National Deep Brain Stimulation Service (DBS), will commence at Beaumont Hospital in late summer 2021. DBS is a long-term treatment for patients with movement disorders (such as Parkinson's disease, tremor, and dystonia). The procedure involved implanting neurotransmitters in the brain and electrical stimulation is then used to regulate abnormal movement.

The new service has been made possible through the appointment of Ms. Catherine Moran, Consultant Neurosurgeon, to the National Neurosurgery Centre at Beaumont Hospital. Ms. Moran has a sub-specialty in DBS and the acquisition of her expertise has enabled the establishment of a dual-site, National Deep Brain Stimulation Service. Ms. Moran will conduct the surgical implantation procedure in Beaumont Hospital and Professors Richard Walsh and Tim Lynch and their team will manage the patient assessment and follow-up programming and care in the Mater Hospital. 

Previously, DBS treatment was only available via the Treatment Abroad Scheme in Belfast and the UK, requiring extensive travel for patients at each stage of their care. For many patients with severe motor function symptoms, their physical limitations ruled out the option of traveling to receive treatment. The on-island capability of the new National Deep Brain Stimulation Service is an exciting development that will offer access to all patients for the management of complex movement disorders in Ireland.

Funding Appeal:

The Neurosurgical Department is currently appealing for donations to help them equip and refigure operating theatre space to accommodate DBS surgery. Over forty patients have been approved for the surgery and it is estimated the 50 - 60 patients will go undergo the procedure annually.

The majority of the equipment is State financed however there are ancillary costs that the Neurosurgery Dept will need to cover to green light this ground-breaking surgery later this year. They are asking for your support. Donate today and help us get this new service underway.