Beaumont Heroes Appeal

The days are long but the nights are longer for the medical and support staff at Beaumont Hospital who are working 24/7 on the frontline to cope with the influx of sick patients who have developed the COVID-19 virus.

The Beaumont Heroes Appeal hopes to bring them small comforts and support - a hot coffee, a warm pizza or a cold drink - as they go about their life-saving work. It wants to help brighten their day in some small way. To let them know that their amazing effort and dedication is so very much appreciated.

Please give today. Every cent of your generous donation will be used to provide this life-affirming support to our healthcare professionals throughout this crisis.

Beaumont Heroes Appeal

In the midst of what is the greatest challenge to healthcare in living memory, our immediate priority is to support our healthcare colleagues working on the frontline. We have launched the Beaumont Heroes Appeal.

From the safety of our own homes, we can take the necessary steps to protect the health and safety of our loved ones. But for the men and women working on the hospital frontline – the doctors, nurses and other personnel who are looking after the health and lives of the sickest among us – their personal health and safety is constantly at risk.

The care of patients is the first priority for the staff of Beaumont Hospital who have been putting measures in place for many weeks now to plan and prepare for managing the most challenging healthcare crisis in living memory. We're all in this together but some more so than others.

In the coming weeks the Beaumont Heroes Appeal will provide support to weary staff and essential comforts for those battling daily to save the lives of patients infected by Covid-19.

Please donate to the Beaumont Heroes Appeal and help us to support those on the frontline who right now are risking their own health and safety to care for others. Donate today at and lets show them the same care they are giving to the sickest among us.