Current Appeals

Deep Brain Stimulation

The long-awaited, National Deep Brain Stimulation Service (DBS), will commence at Beaumont Hospital in late summer 2021. DBS is a long-term treatment for patients with movement disorders (such as Parkinson's disease, tremor, and dystonia). ...

Beaumont Covid Appeal

Thank you for your continuing support for the Beaumont Covid Appeal. It's been a long year for staff who are fighting to save the lives of those who have caught the virus. They put their own personal safety at risk daily when they come to work but th...

Let's Get to the Bottom of It

Solicitor, Attracta O'Regan, her husband Ultan, and the Gastronenterology team with the support of Beaumont Hospital Foundation, have launched the, 'Let's Get to the Bottom of it Appeal' - to fund the salary of a research fellow into Inflammatory ...