Your donation to the work of Beaumont Hospital Foundation will help us support projects within the hospital which improve the care and conditions provided to patients in our care.

Thank you for your contribution.


If you pay income tax and have given €250 or more to Beaumont Hospital Foundation in the course of a tax year, we can reclaim the tax paid on your donations. 

It’s another opportunity for you to help us help sick patients back to health and wellbeing.

How you can claim your tax back for charity:

1. For a one-off donation - complete a CHY4 Form.

2. For an enduring donation (up to a period of five years) - complete a CHY3 form.
2. Return freepost to: Beaumont Hospital Foundation, Beaumont Hospital, D 9 
Who can claim tax back for charity ?

Married couples , either party can sign the form using either person’s PPS number.
If you are a pensioner , you may pay some PAYE tax on your pension and we can claim on this amount.
If you are a corporation you can reclaim the tax paid on your donations. You will need a copy of your donation history to attach to your assessment form.

Changes to donations from 2013 onwards:

Changes were made to the Charity Donation Scheme in 2013 which means charities can now claim tax back on all donations from all tax payers, PAYE and Self-assessed. Self-assessed tax payers will no longer be able to claim the tax back themselves, only the charity can do this.
A new rate of 31% will be applied to all donations over €250, regardless of the rate of tax paid. For example, a €250 donation will be worth an extra €112 to us in saving precious lives.

Talk to us

If you would like more help with tax reclaim, plese call Judy on 01 - 809 2161 or email