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Height Adjustable Trolleys for the ED

The ED in Beaumont Hospital is one the busiest in the country.  At present the patients trolleys inuse are not height adjustable so older patients or those with leg and foot injuries have difficulty climbing on to the trolleys. The department wo...

High Dependency Monitors for Neurosurgery Wards

Patients in the high dependency neurosurgical areas in Beaumont Hospital - namely Richmond and Adams McConnell Wards - require intensive nursing care as part of their recovery plan. Each year, there is a throughput of over 1000 patients from all over...

Operation Transformation of the Dayroom on Banks Ward

Operation Transformation of the Dayroom on Banks Ward is underway!The purpose of the dayroom on a hospital ward is to provide a functional meeting and social space where patients can meet with loved ones and friends away from the clinical ward settin...