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Height Adjustable Trolleys for the ED

The ED in Beaumont Hospital is one the busiest in the country.

At present the patients trolleys inuse are not height adjustable so older patients or those with leg and foot injuries have difficulty climbing on to the trolleys.


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€30,670 for Equipment for the Cochlear Implant Unit

Beaumont Hospital's Cochlear Department offers cochlear implantation to both children and adults nationwide. The service has increased in recent years with the introduction of the bilateral programme and once implanted, patients need to return regula...

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People of Buncrana Raise €7,600 for Richmond ITU & Raphaels Ward

In August 2016, Eoghan Mhic Dhonaill from Buncrana fell from a tree and suffered serious head injuries. Eoghan spent over a month in Beaumont Hospital - in Richmond ITU following surgery and then on St Raphael's children's ward where he continued his...

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