Honour Your Heroes - Lorcan Kelly

Wednesday, 23 August, 2017

Last Thursday, we held our sixth annual Honour Your Heroes reception at Beaumont Hospital. Eight patients returned to Beaumont to tell their stories and give thanks to the staff who went the extra mile in helping them regain their health and wellbeing. Over the coming days, we will be sharing those stories with you.

Originally from Drumcondra, Lorcan Kelly had lived in California for 26 years before returning to Ireland for good in 2016. After twenty years working for the Saudi Arabian Royal Family and travelling worldwide, Lorcan made his decision to leave the US and timed his homecoming for December so that he would be home in time to spend Christmas with his mother and extended family.

However, on St Stephen’s Day, Lorcan suffered a stroke and was brought to Beaumont Hospital. While he was having further treatment, it was discovered that Lorcan had a rectal tumour and underwent surgery. After eight months of treatment and rehab in Beaumont, Lorcan has made great progress. He has overcome great obstacles throughout his rehabilitation and is currently waiting on a bed in the National Rehabilitation Hospital to help further his rehab.

Lorcan has nominated Maura Hoey, Ward Rehab Assistant in Hamilton Ward who gets Lorcan up, dressed and brings him out every day. He’d also like to thank and acknowledge all the rehab assistants on Hamilton Ward. Lorcan says “Everybody in Beaumont Hospital is amazing. I’ve been treated in several Medical Centres around the world in the past and of all the places I’ve been, this is the best Hospital – it’s insanely good.”