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20 February, 2018

Hello from the Knitivity Campaign!!

Knitivity is a creative fundraiser which rather than ask people to make a donation, asks them instead to support Beaumont Hospital by knitting and/or crocheting some cute characters which are sold in our Knitivity branded bags through the Foundation desk in the hospital and online, priced at €15 each. 

Background: In August 2017, we reached out to our supporters asking them to  get involved in a new campaign called,  'Knitivity', which asked people to knit or crochet one of three Christmas characters, a reindeer, elf or santa which would be sold to benefit the hospital.

We were truly astonished and delighted by the response we received! Individuals, schools, craft groups,  knitting circles and ICAs from all over Ireland signed up and the nations' needles began crafting hundreds and hundreds of our 'Knitivity' characters! In addition, Haven Pharmacy group got behind the campaign as a community fundraiser and began encouraging their customers to get knitting and all their returned knits were sold directly from Haven's 54 Pharmacies and 100% of the cost price was returned to Beaumont Hospital.

Close to 1,000 knitted and crocheted characters were created by supporters countrywide, raising a fantastic €14,000 for Beaumont Hospital. Many people involved in other craft practices also contributed and in addition to the income which the campaign raised, it's also provided enormous engagement for the Foundation with new groups of people and in new locations countrywide. Amazing!

If you are one of these people, thank you so much for the generosity of your time, your resources and your creativity. And because so many of you wanted to keep it going, our  Spring Knitivity patterns are available here.

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