Funding Vital Signs Monitors for the Neuro Wards

Beaumont Hospital is home to the National Neurological and Neurosurgical Centre which provides medical services to public patients with neuro-related conditions in Leinster and Connacht.

Approximately 60% of all neuro admissions come to Beaumont Hospital on an emergency basis and 40% are elective surgical inventions i.e. brain, spinal, pituitary tumours. Following surgery, patients make their recovery on our two dedicated neurosurgical wards - Adams McConnell Ward (35 bed ward including 11 high dependency beds) and Richmond Ward (24 bed ward including 6 high dependency beds). 


The Neurosurgical Dept in Beaumont Hospital is currently fundraising to purchase 19 monitors (for intracranial pressure, pulse oximetry, blood pressure, respiratory rate, ECG tracing) at each high dependency bed space in Adams McConnell and Richmond wards which have an annual throughput of over 900 critical care patients from all over the country.


Both Richmond and Adams McConnell wards are extremely busy and the nursing teams are responsible for delivering a very high standard of nursing care. Many patients are cared for on these high depenency wards following critical surgeries and nursing staff will often have to locate the whereabouts of monitors and then wait for it to become free to check patients vital signs. This takes away valuable time from their role in caring for patients and ensuring their continuing medical stability.


Having dedicated monitors at each bedside will allow each patient to have permanent access to their own monitor and will enable our nurses to check their observations with no delay thus maximising nursing time and ensuring patient safety at all times.

The cost of these monitors, to include five intracranial pressure monitors, will require funding of €100K.